PM Rooble is the wrong man for the job!

Mukhtar Ainashe
2 min readMay 11, 2021


The tragedy is that the same people who were saying four years ago that Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed — “Farmaajo” was an angel sent from the heavens are now saying that Mohamed Hussen Rooble, the care-take prime minister is a man that can walk on water.

With all due respect to both Ex-president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed — Farmaajo and to Mohamed Hussen Rooble, I must say that to me, both men are empty and rudderless vessels sinking in the ocean and appointed on dubious political rationale. Neither of them had never, ever, articulated any meaningful political opinion of any kind. They had no political knowledge, no experience when they were selected and appointed. They have little understanding of the political dynamics in the country and the huge political, security, and socio-economic challenges facing Somalia.

Tragically, neither of them can articulate a vision for the country. In fact, they are narrow-minded and low-level administrative bureaucrats from overseas. So why would anyone expect any meaningful political solutions from them? They cannot offer anything even if they wanted to.

I understand that some people mistakes believe that Rooble could be a useful political tool that could be utilized to help rescue our country from the brink of a renewed civil war but that is an argument based on pure fantasy. Rooble cannot be expected to do something beyond his mental and physical abilities.

The sad fact is, Rooble lacks the political and intellectual faculties to lead our country at this critical time. He is the wrong man for the job. We must not make the same mistake twice.

The notion that Farmaajo is to be rejected and Rooble is the man that will rescue our people and our country is irrational and a wishful thinking. It is like someone saying that I do not like the king, but I will a negotiated political settlement that the king will respect with his servant. It is worth mentioning that Farmaajo appointed Rooble. Hence, Rooble cannot, under the current political environment, disobey his master.

In short, Rooble is not, can never be another Nuur Cadde! He is too weak and lacks the experience and the political courage that the late Somali prime minister had.

Eid Mubarak!